A Sword to Fall on

Featured participant(s): Logan Sturrock, Steffanie Ling

Opening reception: 19:30 Friday September 11, 2015

Exhibition date: September 12 to October 24th

SPARE ROOM presents, ‘A Sword to Fall on‘, a solo exhibition by Logan Sturrock.

Cuts of Thin Meat‘, a new publication by Steffanie Ling will be launching in conjunction with Sturrock’s opening reception which explores space through concrete poetry as a 2-dimensional print medium.


A temporary and minuscule portion of an undefined architectural structure takes place in a 200 sq. ft space.

There is a gentle tug towards the viewer reminding them that there is more; countless in fact, of these tiny crevices of tessellated space becoming something more, something different entirely.

Un/fortunately, some of us are experiencing our (n)th revision of this current segment.