Charcuterie 1 launch


Friday October 14


The inaugural issue of Charcuterie featuring written and visual contributions from:

*Jacquelyn Ross (Writer, Toronto) on rejected art criticism
*Vincent Tao (Librarian and activist, Vancouver) made a poster
*Jacobo Zambrano (Artist, Mexico City) on the first year of Spare
Room, and other spaces like it
*Eli Zibin (Poet, Vancouver) on whether or not good or bad poetry really exists

Designed by Victoria Lum

The evening will include some light speaking events:

An introduction to Charcuterie from editors, Bopha Chhay and
Steffanie Ling, Vincent Tao on cha siu fan, Steffanie Ling reads a failed grant and Sung Pil Yoon reads a text.

About the publication:
Charcuterie strives to provide a forum for experimental writing and informed polemics without pedantry. It assembles a polyphony of inquiry and documents the messy landscape of opinion and critique that unravels in close proximity to where we work, live and make art in Vancouver.