Please join us for an evening of readings, photography and new art writings.

Saturday, April 28
Spare Room
8pm – whenever

Charcuterie 4: very tactile present

Editors: Bopha Chhay, Steffanie Ling, Eli Zibin

Authors: Alison Bosley, Riley Cotter, Josh Gabert-
Doyon, Bára Hladíková, Matea Kulić,
Tegan Moore, Theo Terry, Sungpil Yoon,
Eli Zibin

Poster Edition: Tegan Moore

Design: Victoria Lum

Web: Eli Zibin

Publisher: Rice Cooker/Hair Salon

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Larish Neue
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Charcuterie strives to provide a forum for experimental
writing and informed polemics without pedantry. It assembles
a polyphony of inquiry and documents the messy landscape of
opinion and critique that unravels in close proximity to where
we work, live and make art in Vancouver.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017


Spare Room

2F/222 East Georgia Street


LIT LIT LIT LIT VII is an evening of new readings, written and given by Julia Dahee Hong, Stacey Ho, Sam Weselowski and Sung Pil Yoon.

Please join us for this joyous occasion, a joint reading and magazine launch with our friends at Charcuterie. Stacey Ho and Sung Pil Yoon will be reading texts written adjacent to their contributions in Charcuterie 2. Other contributors to the publication include Maxwell Addington, Fabiola Carranza, Steffanie Ling, and artist edition by Juli Majer.  

Charcuterie is a general interest magazine in Vancouver that assembles a polyphony of inquiry and documents the messy landscape of opinion and critique that unravels in close proximity to where we work, live and make art in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

LIT LIT LIT LIT is a bi-monthly literary event in Vancouver that simply invites four writers, poets, or artists to read their work to interested parties. Select readings are published as chapbooks under the Somewhat Urgent Series. All events are recorded and available as a podcast.



Maxwell Addington is a writer from Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory. In 2017, he was awarded the Jill Davis Fellowship to pursue an MFA in Fiction at New York University.
Fabiola Carranza (b.1983) is a Costa Rican/Canadian artist living in Southern California. Carranza makes multi-disciplinary artworks that incorporate or adapt readily available materials. She examines the political potential of visual, cultural and personal phenomena through her art and writing.  
Julia Dahee Hong is an artist based in Vancouver. She is an avid liquorice connoisseur and is often seen scooting in the bike lane of the Georgia Viaduct on her classic red Razor kick scooter. Recently she participated in Artspeak Studio for Emerging Writers led by Sheryda Warrener.
Stacey Ho is an artist, writer, and curator living on unceded Coast Salish territories. Her practice considers intersections of culture, history, and embodied experience from a feminist perspective. With a background in photography and performance art, her art often incorporates language, sound, gesture, and everyday objects. She has presented her work at Art Metropole (Toronto), Galerie oqbo (Berlin), RAM Galleri (Oslo) and most recently in Dar’a: Full Circle, a group exhibition curated by Jamelie Hassan at Artcite (Windsor). She is working on a novel about plants and robots.
Steffanie Ling is a writer, editor and critic. Her books are Nascar (Blank Cheque, 2016) and Cuts of Thin Meat (Spare Room, 2015). In 2016 she attended the Emerging Film Critics Workshop at the 34th Cairo International Film Festival. She is co-founder/editor of Charcuterie.
Sam Weselowski studies poetics at Simon Fraser University. He has presented critical work in Canada, the United States, and England. Some of his writing will appear in Canadian Literature later this year. He currently lives in Vancouver on unceded Coast Salish territory.
Sung Pil Yoon is a writer and curator. He is Director of Spare Room, a subsidiary of Rice Cooker Hair Salon Inc. a non-profit organization that explores the composition of theories and objects through the lens of artistic practices. Yoon is a graduate of UBC Art History and currently works in Vancouver from 222, a studio building in Chinatown.
Juli Majer is a visual artist from Vancouver whose practice comprises drawing, ceramics, sculpture, installation, performance, comics and publishing. She is interested in conveying hyper-polarized psychological and emotional states, which she often mediates through narrative imagery of mysticism and myth, symbolism and snakes, gods and aliens. She teeters on the precipice of a dense and opaque wormhole, pursuing visceral abstractions, inarticulate textures, and peculiar, somatic modes of existence.