Layout – Peter Ullstrom

**Upcoming programming at Cinema Room May 24, 2017

*Exhibition date extended to May 27


Opening reception

Friday, April 7, 2017


2F/222 East Georgia Street

Exhibition will be up in regular daytime hours from April 8 to May 13 May 27, 2017



Layout is a solo exhibition by Peter Ullstrom.

Terrazzo is a technique of reusing marble remnants to create durable flooring, credited to Venetian mosaic builders. It has been a common flooring method for a variety of architectures due to its mobility in visual patterns and economic footprint.

The exhibition will include an installation of panels that depict montage and floor patterns with the use of printed medium. Goat milk, which has been a staple ingredient in the making of the unpredictable marbling pattern found in Terrazzo, serves as an example in the process which the material is left to its own device to compose a non-linear pattern system. The term composition is used rather than design to highlight the erratic nature which the material grasps ahold of, in opposition to the user designating each nook and cranny of its visual aesthetic.

Layout explores the possibility of a designated space contradicting its utility to create a systematically random pattern questioning the function of composition and design.




Peter Ullstrom is a Canadian visual artist born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. With an interest in colour design and photography, he makes snapshots, composites, and built environments. Recent projects include Giuseppe Fed To His Dogs (2016) a group exhibition in Taichung TW, and residency in Windsor ON. He holds a BFA from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design.