Environment Sampling


002: Lecture Series – An Alternative Evolution

In conjunction with Zebulon Zang’s current exhibition Modes of Traveling at Spare Room, 221A will be hosting a symposium on the relationship between the psychedelic experience and virtual reality through Environment Sampling; an archival and research-based project as part of spare room’s regular programming.

The evening will consist of a lecture originally by Terence McKenna concerning the relationship between psilocybin and the early development of the primate brain. This lecture will be delivered by Zebulon Zang, followed by an open discussion period with Sung Pil Yoon.

Environment Sampling maintains lucid dialogue through mediums that resemble performances, lectures and documentation. Its name signifies research based outside the exhibition space and functions as a point of interest further expanding on the mandate of spare room.


Thursday June 30, 2016

6:30pm  8pm

Hosted at 221 E. Georgia