Modes of Travelling

Featured participant: Zebulon Zang

with accompanying text by Brad Allen

Opening reception: 19:30 Friday May 27, 2016

Exhibition Date:┬áMay 28 – July 2, 2016



SPARE ROOM presents Modes of Travelling. A solo exhibition by Zebulon Zang.
Video projection and sound have been installed to create an immersive environment by simulating movement within the interior space of spare room. A series of grid-lines expand and contract to observe the possibility of a digitally rendered space adapting to a physical environment.



Zebulon Zang is an artist and writer from Maillardville, Canada. His work focuses on the role of the mechanical image within a larger social and historical context, from early optical developments to cell phone cameras. Zang creates systems, both within the gallery as installations, and outside in vernacular ready-made contexts such as advertising. Working between the private and public spheres of aesthetic experience Zang is interested in the democratizing role of mass dissemination and the subtlety of its effect on the subjective understanding of the individual within an increasingly homogenized social arena.

Currently, Zang is completing a feature length film concerning the role of the Internet within a new wave of media-fueled hermeticism at the onset of 21st century.

In 2013 he founded and continues to run the Maillardville Cultural Appreciation Society (MCAS), an experimental exhibition space in Coquitlam. He has screened and exhibited works throughout Canada and has published writing in both Canada and the United States.